Mount Tallac Infographic is Available for Purchase

Available now is a poster-size infographic about Mount Tallac, a prominent peak found on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, CA. I created this infographic as a design art piece that’s not only beautiful to look at (in my opinion!), but also functional in that it provides information about Mount Tallac as well as some hiking and backpacking wisdom I’ve acquired over the years. 

The Mount Tallac Infographic is another art piece from my Tahoe Swag collection, which can be found at my RedBubble (online merchandise) account. Order through Redbubble and they handle all of the production and shipping, and I am paid a royalty for each purchase of merchandise which features my artwork. Thanks for your support.

Copyright © 2017 Jared Manninen

The infographics I create are designed to present information and imagery about Lake Tahoe and the neighboring Sierra Nevada Mountains, as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit the region, in an easily accessible way for adults and children alike. These infographics can be purchased as posters or prints and would look wonderful on your walls at home (framed would even better), in the classroom, or your office or place of business.