Color the Tahoe Rim Trail Comments and Colored Pages

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Thanks to everyone who has submitted their amazing colored pages to Wilderness Activity Books for display! If you would like to see your finished pages from Color the Tahoe Rim Trail featured alongside the other beautiful artwork on this page, please submit the images via the contact page. Files can be up to 3MB in size and have to be one of the following file types (jpg, jpeg, gif, or png). Please include in the body of the message the book title (Color the Tahoe Rim Trail), your first name, and the type of medium (i.e. colored pencils, crayons, pastels…) you used to color the page.

Once I receive your images, I will perform some minor adjustments to them in order to prepare them for presentation on this site. Depending on my schedule and the number of submissions, it may take me a some time to post your artwork so please be patient and check back.

Also, feel free to post comments, reviews, feedback, suggestions, critiques, thoughts, and ideas about Color the Tahoe Rim Trail in the space provided at the bottom of the page. You can also subscribe to the Wilderness Activity Books blog via your comment for updates about upcoming books, events, and bonus material.

Color the Tahoe Rim Trail Colored Pages

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2 thoughts on “Color the Tahoe Rim Trail Comments and Colored Pages”

  1. I love this book! It is simple, beautiful and hits close to home. I got 5 copies for various kids in my family and I ended up coloring with all of them. We would look up the right colors for the different animals and talk about them. Jared’s style is loose, so you can either color in the lines like a kid or add layer like an artist. Also it does not take long to color a page. I liked using crayons, sometimes combined with water colors. The kids often used colored pencils as well.

    Most of all I love the feeling of hiking the Tahoe Rim trail by coloring in my living room next to the warm fire:)

    1. Thanks for the beautiful review, Maria 🙂 I hope to one day see some of those colored pages!

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