Color the Tahoe Rim Trail Bonus Material!

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Here are the original photographs that I used as reference for the Color the Tahoe Rim Trail coloring book. Each photograph is identified by the same illustration number and title that you will find in the book. Obviously, you are not beholden to use the same color palette for your illustrations as are found in the photos, but many people have requested to see the origin points for the illustrations.

Many of the photos I chose for this project were not necessarily the best pictures I took while hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail. However, I felt they were the best for use in illustrations that would ultimately be colored (by you!). Some of the illustrations share a close relationship with their reference photos, while others were merely a starting point from which to draw (particularly the ones that were originally in a landscape orientation). Enjoy!

1 - Lichen Growing on a Jeffrey Pine2 - Hiking Alongside Lower Echo Lake3 - Monarch Butterflies Flitting About the Moist Ground4 - Sunset at Lake Aloha, with Pyramid Peak in the Background5 - Morning Shadows and Reflections at Heather Lake6- Gnarled Juniper Tree Shielding Heather Lake7 - Steller's Jay with a Worm in its Beak8 - Curios Marmot People-Watching Near His Hidey Hole9 - The Long Approach to Dick's Pass10 - Dick's Lake as Seen from Dick's Pass11 - Granite Boulder Sunbathing at Fontanillis Lake12 - Oregonian Pacific Crest Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "Sizzler"13 - Cloud Bank Sitting Behind a Marsh Filled with Dead Trees14 - An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object15 - German Pacific Crest Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "Sprinkles"16 - "Ducks" Stacked at a Small Stream Crossing17 - Cool Morning in a Meadow Cast in Shados En Route to Barker Pass18 - Southern Californian Tahoe Rim Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "ET"19 - Mule's Ear, AKA "Mountain Money"20 - Field of Mule's Ears Looking at Lake Tahoe21 - Grasshopper Chewing on the Brim of My Hat22 - Lake Tahoe Beyond the Silhouette Trees23 - Intersection of the TRT/PCT at the Border of Granite Chief Wilderness24 - Sooty Grouse Playing Coy25 - Conglomerate Rock Above the Truckee River Just Out of Tahoe City26 - Sliver of Lake Tahoe Viewed Beyond the Boulder Patch and Trees27 - Catching a Glimpse of Lake Tahoe at Sunset28 - Snow Plant29 - Lake Tahoe Spied through the Trees30 - Granite Head Gazing upon the Lake31 - Stopping at Watson Lake to Filter Water32 - Douglas Squirrel Wondering if You Have any Snacks to Share33 - Crimson Columbine in Isolation34 - Wildflowers Along the Ridge Waking Up to a Brisk Morning35 - Dying Trees with a Front Row Seat for the Sunrise at Lake Tahoe36 - Whitebark Pine Tree Needles and Buds37 - Taking a Gander at Gray Lake38 - Woody-Fruited Evening Primrose Flourishing in the Arid Soil39 - View Near the Backside of Relay Peak40 - Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel Playing Statue Master on a Fallen Tree41 - Taking a Break at Galena Falls42 - Tahoe Meadows at Sunset43 - Western Wallflower all by its Lonesome44 - Hiking Along the East Shore During the Evening Hours45 - A Cluster of Fragrant Pennyroyal46 - Northern Flicker Searching for Bugs to Eat47 - Cloud Bank over the Carson Valley48 - Crystal Bay Viewed from Fireworks Rock49 - Washoe Lake Bathed in the Early Morning Light50 - Marlette Lake in the Foreground and Lake Tahoe in the Background51 - Sage Fields Above Marlette Lake52 - Rings of Lichen53 - Radiant Sunset at Lake Tahoe54 - Wooden Bench Near South Camp Peak55 - Granite Soldier Standing Vigilant over the Trail56 - South Lake Tahoe's Shoreline and the Stateline Casinos57 - Evening Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees Near Star Lake58 - Barren Trees and Decomposing Granite at the Saddle Below Freel Peak59 - Clark's Nutcracker Perched Atop a Stump60 - Large-Leaf Lupine at Armstrong Pass61 - Granite Bookshelf Bookended by Trees62 - Early Morning Light and Shadow Falling Across the Trail63 - Bouquet of Paintbrush64 - Remnants of a Dead Tree65 - Granite Boulder Cradled by a Fallen Tree66 - Aspen Trees and a Bridge Across Grass Lake Creek67 - Jeffrey Pine Cones Clustered on the Ground68 - Bridge Leading to Big Meadows69 - Forest Staircase70 - Conglomerate Rockface71 - Sunset at Round Lake Just After a Thundershower72 - Derelict Structures Near the TRT/PCT Intersection73 - Rock Walkway over a Small Stream74 - Sunset View of a High Meadow75 - Serene Morning at Showers Lake76 - Conglomerate Monolith Overlooking a High Meadow77 - Red-Tailed Hawk Taking Flight78 - Massive Boulders Stealing a Glance at Lake Tahoe79 - Start/Finish of My TRT Thru-Hike (Johnson Pass Road on Echo Summit)

For making the trip this far down the page I would like to reward you with some bonus illustrations that did not make the cut in the final book. As much as I wanted to include them, I simply had to trim the fat so as not to end up with a book three inches thick. All of these bonus pages to the Color the Tahoe Rim Trail coloring book are hi-res (300ppi), formatted at 8.5 x 11″, and offset to the right so you can three-hole punch them and collect them in a binder if you choose. The easiest way to download them to your device is to right-click and “save image as” or “open in a new window” and then save them to your device from there.

Bonus Page 1Bonus Page 2Bonus Page 3Bonus Page 4Bonus Page 5Bonus Page 6Bonus Page 7Bonus Page 8Bonus Page 9Bonus Page 10

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